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Price of Water in Spain

What is the price of domestic water in Spain?

The regions of Murcia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands autonomous communities which pay the most expensive domestic water Spain. In instance, lowest prices correspond to the regions of Castilla-León, Galicia, and Navarra, according to data from Study AEAS 2013 -AGA water in Spain, presented at the end of the year 2013,  by the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS), and the Spanish Association Management Companies Water Services to People (AGA).

The average price of water in Spain is of 1,59 euros/m3. But, there are considerable differences if we compare prices just by provinces. In this way, in Murcia are paid on average 2.31 euros per cubic meter (1,000 liters)  of supply, plus tax, VAT, and in Barcelona, ​​2.24 euros; in Alicante 1,94 euros, in Sevilla 1,93 euros, in Valencia 1,63 euros, and in  Málaga, 1,3 euros.

The report indicates that each citizen consumes an average 122 liters of water per day, representing an average price of 20 cents. Also on average, each household in Spain have to pay about 220 per year for water services. The study analyzed the prices of 505 municipalities, which have 224 supply and sanitation to 30 million.

What about the rest of Europe?

Glasgow is one of the most expensive cities with 5,28 euros, La Hague 4,69, Berlin 4,63, Amsterdam 4,21,  Brussels 3,45,  Paris 2,96, Londres 2,95, and Roma 1,12.

Price increases below the CPI

The average price per cubic meter of water in 2012 (1.59 euros / m3) represents a cumulative 4.89% from the previous study of 2010, but below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual increase.

Although the price per cubic meter of water has increased, the rate has been offset by a decrease in consumption, the result of awareness, and greater efficiency in the service.

Source: Estudio AEAS-AGA 2013

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