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What is a N.I.E. number? What do I need to obtain it?

NIE FORM   Numero de Identificación de Extranjero (N.I.E.)  is the number which identifies you to the Spanish Tax Authorities. Is issued by the National Police . The number is necessary for practically any transaction in Spain, such as paying taxes, opening a Bank Account, buying a property or car, or the arrangement of a mortgage. The NIE Number is issued on a standard A4 page, with a stamp and a signature provided by the National Police. The document is often used as a form of identification, and in many cases the original document is required (a copy is not sufficient). Once the NIE number is issued, it will never change only in the case that if your marital status, name or residence status changes.

 This NIE document, together with your original passport is absolutely necessary to sign any official document in the Notary office, So bring them with you all the time.

There are 2 ways to obtain the NIE number:

– In any of the Spanish Consulates of your country of origin.

– In person, in any of the Police Station in whcih you will develop the transaction of the purchase, payment of tax, inheritance, etc. 

In both cases, Consulate or Police Station in Spain, you have to apply it in person, because the Spanish staff must verify yourselve in a visual inspection. Thus, is not possible to obtain the NIE number by Power of Attorney for example.  

Documents needed:  

– You need to fill NIE form in, ( you can unload a  NIE form document from here

– You have to bring your original passport 

– 2 or 4 passports sized colour photos

– 2 photocopies of your passports

You  have to pay the issue taxes of the application form which varies from one city to other. Approx. 15€ each. Usually an Agent , Solicitor or the services of a Gestor could request some extra amount  to help you in this process. The issuing of the number will take from one day up to 5 weeks, depending on the area and the region in which you apply for. 

REMEMBER: You must bring the ORIGINAL NIE number together with your original PASSPORTS, to Notary Offices, Police, official insitutions, etc. Copies are not valid, and ORIGINALS would be needed for official transactions like  signing of deeds on completion, to buy a car, open a bank account, pay your taxes, act in an inheritance, etc.

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