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Control of fiscal evasion in Spain


Spanish Tax office will force Banks to inform about fiscal information from clients

We have been informing for long time to friends and clients that the Spanish Tax office was being increasing to control fiscal and finance situation of citizens in Spain.

A high number of our foreign clients have been inspected from the Spanish tax office, requiring them to regularizing their fiscal situation in Spain. The reason of this is because a high number of expats were living permanently in Spain, but declared as “non residents”. This situation created a lost in the Spanish tax incomes which is one of the most essential points to control as fiscal evasion.

In order to control both, fiscal situation from clients, and fiscal evasion, Spanish banks will provide detailed information from their clients to the Spanish tax office from January 2017.

This control will help the tax office to tracking the movements of funds from clients, and to create individual files from each of the clients considered.

So, we recommend to all of you that are living in Spain in permanent basis to get the proper tax advice to confirm your exact situation about Spanish taxes.

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