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TLACORP is  Spanish Solicitors group composed of Lawyers, Tax advisors and Architects, all of them English speakers, joint to give Legal advice from an INTERNATIONAL FOCUS.

Our main aim is to offer a specific advice to the case or matter. We are “specialized Lawyers”. So, depending on the case, the members will be assisted by one of our four lawyers specialized in the following areas:

– International Trade and Commerce: Representation of International Companies, International Contracts, International Sales, Distribution and agreements, etc.

– International investments in Companies and Properties.

– Property and Construction Law,  and Planning Development.

– International Inheritance and Civil Law.

– Setting up of companies in Spain.

– Legal disputes: Debts recovery, Contracts, Companies agreements, etc…

TLACORP: International focus

–       All of our staff speaks bilingual English. Also, French spoken.

–       We are members of the following International Associations:

  • International Dpt. Consejo Superior de la Abogacía Española. Spain.
  • International Dpt. Law Society of England and Wales. United Kingdom.
  • Spanish-British Chamber of Commerce. United Kingdom.
  • We are recommended Lawyer of different Consulates and Embassies in Spain  like USA, United Kingdom, Norway, and others.

Our services in international commerce are:

  • International commerce legal advice
  • Ellaboration and mediation in International contracts like agency contracts, distribution contracts, franchise contracts, Know-How, Factoring, etc.
  • Setting up of bussiness and companies in Spain
  • Commercial litigation in Spain
  • Commercial debt recovery in Spain
  • International Trade and International Commerce. Bill of lading, Letter of credit, Documentary Credit, TCR, Incoterms, etc.
  • Merchandise purchase and sale
  • Claiming and disputes of orders, quality, quantity, breaches of International purchase contracts, Incoterms, etc.
  • Claimings of ways of payments like checks, promissory notes, drafts
  • Tracing of companies: Where are placed, who are the administrative responsible, assests from the company, or from the members
  • Finantial-Commercial reports from companies
  • Insurance claims
  • Intelectual property: Patents, Trade marks, Copyrights, Non-Discloure contracts, Know-How, etc.