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Searches properties before buying

Property searches are the most important work to be done by Solicitors and Lawyers specioally in Spanish properties conveyance.

The right study of the different legal and administrative aspects will guaranty you the best acknowledge about the property you are buying a Spanish property.

For this,a complete study of the property before buying, should include:

  • Obtaining and checking all the documents related with the property: Title Deeds, and Land Registry reports, Building License, Ten Years Guarantee, Certificate of Habitation licence..
  • Checking the supply connections, like water and electric, Council Tax, and Community of Owners regulations.
  • Checking of the previous “Plusvalía” tax added value payment.
  • Calculation and explanation for all the payments and costs involved in the transaction (Price of the property, partial payments, taxes, and others).
  • Explanation and guide to the buyers of all the steps to follow till completion.
  • Study of the real situation of the property. Identification of the real surface of the land, and the building, and its proper identification in the Land Registry and Catastro.
  • Valuation Value -Survey of the property (If required by the client).
  • Study of the construction laws, and eventual breaching of them by the previous owners /builder
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