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Repossesed properties from Banks in spain

Repossessed properties. Spanish repossession. Torrevieja, Alicante, Javea, Denia, Altea, Benidorm, Murcia, Orihuela, San Javier, Mazarron, Cartagena, Almeria

TLACORP lawyers  are experts in conveyance, and real estate, with wide experience in Spanish repossessions. This is an activity that we have developed during the recent years with high levels of efficacy and success to our clients.

As you could see in our special section of repossessed properties, the decision to buy this kind of properties is adequate now for commercial reasons, but must be carefully considered from the strict legal point of view.

The situation of the properties repossessed by Spanish Banks must be studied in the proper way, in order to guaranty to investors the right ownership and use of the properties acquired. The reason of this is due to the fact that banks, when they take possession of the properties, they do not pay attention to the legal aspects from such properties.

The process is very simple, the mortgage debt is not paid, and they take the property, without paying attention in the legal and real conditions of the property.

In other words : Banks do not make the proper searches before they take the ownership of the property.

It means that a high number of legal problems from the previous owners are passed, with the property, to the new ones.

Due to the fact that repossessed properties are commercially interested in relation to their special prices, their legal aspects must be specially considered in the earliest steps of the process. It will help investors to identify, from the beginning, the eventual problems of the property, and to balance the final decision to buy.

As specialists in conveyance, and after the intermediation in hundreds of bank repossessions in the previous years, we know perfectly the way in which banks have completed the repossession process, and the way in which properties are left in their database waiting for a new buyer.

Our experience is, then, the key of success in the acquisition of repossessed properties.

Our services would start making a previous legal checking of the property, the land, and the construction of the property (checking the legal and the administrative situation of the estate). For this, we apply for the information about the property in the Town Hall where the property is placed, talking to architects and inspectors of the area.

The reason of this is to obtain an exact legal situation of the property for construction, licenses, building permits, etc. With this, we will guaranty our clients that there will not be any actions, like fines, demolition applications, etc., in the public institutions regarding any eventual illegal construction, or work over the building. Please, pay attention to the fact that banks they do not to check this point when taking the ownership of the property.


Purchase of a property from a bank is a very serious investment. It is compulsory then to know exactly the different aspects of the property, what we call: The History of the property.

Knowing from the beginning how the property was built, how it is considered now, and how it will be in the future with the eventual developments in the area will make secure the high efforts and the investments derived from the acquisition of the property. Only specialist in properties, with expertise acknowledge of the area, can confirm to you this information to give you completely peace of mind.

We are a company expert in construction and real estate with more than 10 years experience in the area. Our clients, they have bought their properties fropm banks  and enjoyed them without problems for years.


We are a reputed company in the area, being even participated in TV interviews as recognized legal experts, as you can see just clicking in the link below:

Once we complete our searches, we will check with the Notary that the property is registered in the right way, assuring you the right ownership. Also, we will proceed with the preparation of the paperwork to be signed at the notary on completion, completing also the registration of the property on your name, and changing the water and electric supplying contracts into your name after the completion. Besides of this, we will calculate, and pay and organize the payments of all the expenses and taxes derived from this transaction.

Please, click below to get more information about the general information on the process, and common problems with repossessed properties:

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