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Usually, there are 3 ways to rent a property:

  • Short term/touristic rentals: This type of rent is for tourists who wish to use the property for tourism/holiday. This type of rentals must be registered in a special registry in Valencia, and one of the requirements is the certificate of habitation. Short term of stay: less than 2 months.
  • Long term rental: This is when the tenant wishes to use the property not for tourism, but for long term stay and residence. In this way, you will be always authorised to rent out the property, as the regulation for this kind of rent is different from the touristical ones. Long term of stay: One year or more.
  • Medium term rental: This is when the tenant is neither looking to pass some days vacation, nor to stay in long term as permanent residence. Tenants use the property with the intention to work for a determinate time, or to stay in the area to search for properties to buy, or students for the educational period, etc. Regulation: The same as per long term, and not subjected to strict terms as per touristic ones. Medium term of stay: From 2 to 11 months.

Highest yields in rentals have been created from the Touristical activity, whcih has resulted in rents higher from the traditional activity of long term rentals.

But, due to the increase of requirements to get the touristic license, in the middle of both rentals, there is an option to have better incomes than long term: Medium Term activity.  As explained above, Medium/Long Terms tenants are those who intend to pass long stays in the property, but not for permanent purposes. They will respect the property more than tourists (because they will be using it for a while), and they will accept higher rents to pay due to the short term of stay.

Also, Medium7Long Term activity will not be regulated by the strict laws which are not managing Touristic activity.

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