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Foreign buyers are now the top buyers in Spain


Spain between January and August received a record 45.4 million foreign tourists, representing a growth of 7.3% over the same period of 2013, according to the survey of Inbound Tourism (Frontur), released today by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The increasing influx of tourists recorded in accumulated in the first eight months (3 million visitors) came largely from the UK, Germany and especially France.

Thus, the arrival of French tourists increased 10.4%, to 7.6 million; while the British grew 5.6% (10.5 million), and German, 7.5% (7.1 million).

The largest rallies were for Belgians (1.5 million) and Italy (2.6 million), with increases of 17.9 and 13.7%, respectively.

In contrast, the devaluation of the ruble caused a 5% drop in arrivals of Russians, to 1.06 million, and from the United States fell 0.5% (0.88 million).

For communities, Catalonia captured 25.8% of visits (one in four), with 11.7 million tourists and a growth of 6.1%.

Meanwhile, Canary Islands was the autonomy that registered the highest increase in arrivals, up 11.9% to 7.5 million tourists, followed by Madrid, with an increase of 8.8% and more than 3 million visitors.

In the Balearic Islands, the influx of foreign visitors increased by 2.2% (8.4 million), in Andalusia 8.1% (5.9 million) and in Valencia, 5.1% (4.4 million ).

Monthly data

Just arrived in the country in August 9.1 million visitors, 8.8% more than in the eighth month of last year, making that month also reached a record high.

Britain remains the largest contributor, with 2,136,879 tourists (+ 5.8%), followed by Frnacia with 1,981,643 (9.4%) and Germany with 1,290,777 tourists and an important increase of 11.8%.

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