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Prices on Spanish properties reduced falling

Prices of Resales declines only 0,1 % in October – In some regions rising!

Prices of RESALES in Spain fell only 0.1% in October 2014, compared from September, to be located at 1,600 euros per square meter. The accumuled decline from the whole year arises to 5.1%.

Despite this decline, the price has now grown into five regions, with the Canaries where expectations have risen more owners (+ 0.7%), followed by Valencia (+ 0.4%), Catalonia (+ 0.3%), Andalusia and Extremadura (+ 0.1% in both cases).

Meanwhile, Baleares and Navarra have seen their prices did not move during the last three months. The largest decline, however, occurred in Castilla-La Mancha (-1.1%), California (-0.8%) and Castilla y León and Galicia (-0.6% in both cases).

Euskadi (Vasque Country), with a price of 2,676 euros per square meter, remains the most expensive autonomy. Followed the Community of Madrid (2,304 euros per square meter) and Catalonia (1,849 euros). On the opposite side of the table are Castilla-La Mancha (1,008 euros), Extremadura (1,039 euros) and Murcia (1,086 euros), which are the most economic communities.

These indicators show a sign of reduced falling of prices in Spain to RESALE MARKET.

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