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Preparation for completion

  • Power of attorney: P.O.A. Is a good option to consider. It will save time and hassle and will allow us to act in your behalf  for a better protection of your interests. We can organise P.O.A. in Spain before in a  local notary or anywhere in the UK or Ireland.
  • NIEs: (Foreigners Identification Number) As we pointed before this document is absolutely necessary for Spanish property buyers before the signature of the Title Deed. It is compulsory to arrange it  in order to pay taxes in good order.
  • Coordination with all the parts involved in the transaction, We arrange this in order to prepare the last steps for completion, like Banks, Brokers, Agents ,Builders and Notary office..
  • Preparation of documents in the Notary.
  • Translation to clients and checking of deeds at the Notary and all the legal documents related with the transaction.