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Conveyance and property law

Conveyance and property law

  icon-quote-left Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from one owner to another, in which one is selling and the other is buying. icon-quote-right 

Conveyance process, if properly carried out by conveyance Solicitors, ensures that purchaser actually owns the property of the land, and the rights that have been paid for.

Selling Your House (conveyancing) i.e. the legal process involved in selling your house is relatively straightforward.

Using the right legal advice on conveyance  will make sure your investment in the acquisition of your Spanish property !.

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 icon-hand-o-right NEW! icon-download Guide to buy properties in Spain 2014-2015  in pdf format.

Load in pdf a complete guide on how to buy or sale properties in Spain updated 2014-2015!.  It is totally free!




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