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Charity and Non Profit Foundations and Associations

Interested in create a NON-PROFIT or CHARITY association and / or foundation in Spain to sponsor child/aged care, disabled, culture, sports, etc?.

Please, find below the main differences between one each other:




Social Capital 30.000Social Capital 0
It is not necessary to be a member or partner to collaborate or donateOnly partners can make donations.
Committee members can be remuneratedCommittee members cannot be remunerated
High Control by administrationLow control from administration
Staff can receive salary and can be registered as employee or self employedStaff can receive salary and can be registered as employee or self employed
Name must be registeredName is not necessary to be registered
More administrative workLess administrative work

For further help and explanations, just contact us, we would be pleased to give you legal support in this matter.


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  1. Darryll Wright

    I am on the committee of a Golf Society in Spain. We are a group of people who play golf once every 2 weeks. We collect the match fees for each game from members and pay the match fees to the golf course played. In the past we have used a bank account for paying in match fees and paying for games at the golf course ( payment by card). The bank account is set up under a persons name. The bank have said that because of the level of transactions we may be liable to tax and may be scrutinised by the Hacienda. The bank account is used simply to make payment for games by individuals and the total cost for games paid to golf courses easier and more secure instead of doing all transactions in cash. What we want to do is open a bank account in the Societies name as an association but do not want to get embroiled in paperwork and having to file annual reports etc.
    Can this be done and what do we need to do ?

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