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Did you buy your Spanish property before the end of 2008?,  AND,  Are you are non Spanish TAX Resident (IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE NOT THE SPANISH FISCAL RESIDENCE CERTIFICATION issued by the Spanish Customs- Thus, you are taxed in UK), Thus, please, pay attention to the following information:  BEFORE 01.01.2008, being a non-Spanish Tax Resident, and being owner of at least one property in Spain, then you had to make the declaration, and the payment, of two Spanish taxes:

–    Wealth Tax : Around the 0,2-0,4 % of the official value of the property.

–    Income Tax: 0,5 % of the official value of the property.

Usually, both Taxes had to be paid with the famous old Model or Format 214.    On the 01.01.2008, the Spanish Government abolished the Wealth Tax in Spain, so, the declaration of taxes for Non Spanish Tax Residents, with a property in Spain, now are reduced to the INCOME TAX, which is of 0,5%. And the application form of the Tax Declarations has changed from the old 214, to the new Model or Format 210.  So, after 01.01.2008, a non-Spanish tax resident, with at least one property in Spain, must present the declaration of the model 210, with the payment of the 0,5 % of the official price of the property.   This declaration must be presented before 31.12.2009.  Our company will be more than pleased to act on your behalf to fulfill with your Spanish tax obligations, which means to prepare the proper declaration of taxes on your name, to present it to the Spanish Tax Customs, to calculate the final tax, and to guide you about how to pay it.  For more information, please, consult our “Tax Online” section of our site.”