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TLACORP has had a metting in September 2010 with the Main Architect of the Town Hall of CATRAL Mr. Rocamora Ros and he informed that Conselleria is still working with the General Plan and they didn’t notice anything yet. It means that the General Plan has not been approved yet.

Conselleria passed some months ago the Basis Plan but not the General Plan which is the one that we are expecting to get.

In any case We still have to  wait, and, unfortunately, there are not any confirmation about the time needed to get the final approval from the Plan

Talking now about the possibilities to get the Certificate of Habitation on the properties in process to be legalized, ONCE, AND ONLY AFTER THE PLAN IS ALREADY APPROVED, the Town Hall in connection with the Conselleria are studying to make an specific form to the houses that want to obtain the Legalization  in order to have this  Certificate of Habitation in place.

The Town Hall has informed that these houses will obtain a special permission like the Certificate of Habitation in order to obtain all the main supplies like water and electricity without any kind of problems.

But, the Town Hall and the Conselleria are still working with this, so Mr. Rocamora informed  they will spend some months more in order to obtain the new form. As soon as we have more details, we will confirm to you.

OTHER ASPECT: Building items do not included in the legalization of the Catral properties.

TLACORP has received some queries from Catral owners regarding swimming pools, garages, and other building items whcih were not included in the process of legalization of their properties, because they were not in the deeds on that time. It means that the 1% legalization fee paid to Catral THall was calculated on the price of the main house, but not considering other items like pool, garage, etc.

In theory, items from which the 1 % is not paid, they are not included in the legalization process, as we explaining in our previous blog notice LEGALIZATION CATRAL- The payment of the 1 % Tax.

Mr. Rocamora informed TLACORP that once the owners of the houses apply for the Certificate of Habitation and they have paid all the required taxes, a Technician of the Town Hall will go to the properties and will check if the 1% that the owners paid is correct .

If the owners included in this payment all the constructions that they have already in their properties such as swimming pools, outside garages –barbecues,  bedroom extensions would be okay.

But in the case that the Technician notice that the owners have more constructions in the property that have not been declared,  in this case the Town Hall will issue another additional payment of the difference between the meters that they said that they had initially declared and the current ones.

ie:  A property in Catral with the folloiwng constructions:

– House: Value 100.000 EUR

– Pool: Value 5.000 EUR

The deeds of the property shows the house per a value of 100.000 EUR, but not the pool. When the owner was requested to pay the 1% tax for the legalization process, he presented the value of the house, but not the pool. so, he paid 1 % on 100.000 EUR, which are 1.000 EUR.

But, the owner did not mention to include the 5.000 EUR for the pool.

The owner of the example will be requested to pay the 1 % of the value of the pool by the Town Hall once the Plan is approved in Valencia.


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