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Legal Online
Legal Online… HOW IT WORKS?


Legal Online is a new concept in legal consultancy to particulars (families) who, being nationals of other countries, they have a property in Spain as main, or as second residence, in order to facilitate them the access to legal professionals.

    - Because Spanish Non-nationals, they do not know the Spanish regulations.
    - Because is not always easy to find a good professional, with good English, to solve their legal problems in Spain.
    - Because we understand that many individuals simply do not have the time or desire to attend a Solicitors office, fill out complicated forms, and pay huge fees in order to obtain basic advice.


STEP 1.- The client makes the query by telephone, e-mail, or post.

STEP 2.- A specialist Solicitor will attend the query and answer the query to the client instructing him how to act in that way. Then, the client by himself receives the information, and act in the proper way making by himself the initial actions to solve the problem.

STEP 3.- If the problem is not solved, and needs to take specific legal actions (as to bring legal actions against somebody, to call the other party, or to appear in Courts, etc.)., and only if the client accepts, we will then recommend to one of the collaborating Solicitors in the area, specialist in the matter to bring the case with special and reduced prices to the client.

 Areas of Practice:

Personal and civil situation.
How to obtain residence cards, NIE number, Padron, or any other civil Registry or situation which could affect to the personal and civil status.
Residential Property/Conveyancing.
How to manage leaseholds, purchase/sale, flats, pre-completion & post-completion matters, compensations for delay.
Wills, Probate & Administration Intestacy.
Right to bring a claim, inheritance tax, post-death variations, appointment of executors and trustees.
Civil law
Legal Aid, choice of court, changes in civil procedure rules, statements of case, interlocutory matters.
Commercial Law
Intellectual property, Copyright, design rights, commercial leases, international sales agreements, Y2K legal liability.
Family Law
Divorce, matrimonial home and lump sums, pre-marital agreements, domestic violence, child custody, unmarried family.
Criminal Law
Arrests and searches, drink-driving, bail, violent crimes.
Accidents and Automobile

The Legal Online service account offers 1 hour of legal work per query within our practice areas and up to 10 e-mail/queries per year. We have found this is often sufficient to deal with basic pre-litigation matters.

  - Specialist Advice: Your query will be directly solved by an experienced Solicitor specialist in the matter.
  - Document checking service: Our Solicitors will check any document presented by the clients to give the expertise advise. Documents from residential leases to business contracts and partnership agreements. Our legal team will give you peace of mind by checking it and advising you by e-mail of its implications and which particular terms, conditions or clauses you should be aware.
  - Answer in less than 3 days.
  - Includes 2 further explanations.
  - Special prices for Solicitors if the matter arrives to the Courts.
  - Document Drafting Service: Our solicitors will draft any document asked by the clients like rental or lease agreements, any type of contracts, official or private letters, claiming to other parties, etc.
  - Initial legal actions: Enter in contact with the other part, in order to solve the situation, sending them official communications, telephone calls, or e-mails, till a limit of 3 hours per case.

Particular protection:

With Spanish Legal Online, you will feel well-protected, and you will enjoy your stay in Spain in a better and more comfortable way.


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Spanish property solicitors - Spanish solicitors - Spain solicitors - Spanish property solicitors – Alicante solicitors - Murcia solicitors -  Granada solicitors -  Almeria solicitors –  Catral solicitors  - Torrevieja solicitors