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Is your lawyer registered in Spain

How I know my Spanish Solicitor is legally registered for practice in Spain?

 icon-question-circle Query:

Is there a National Spanish Law Society where all registered qualified solicitors details of persons able to practice in Spain are held?  How does one establish if a particular person is registered in Spain and whether their legal qualifications and discipline registered.

 Do all solicitors have a registered number; if so, where is this held and found? Are local area colegios de abogados registered with a national body and do local area colegios provide details of all solicitors registered with them only or are these details held centrally?


icon-arrow-circle-right TLACORP answer:

– In Spain, qualified Solicitors must be registered  from the local Colegio (or Local Law Society) from the area in which they usually have their main office or practice. For example, in our company, there are Solicitors registered in the Lawyers Colegio from Alicante, from Orihuela, Valencia, Murcia and Elche.

-Each Solicitor registered in the “Colegio” has a number of registration. It must be provided to clients when requested. For example, Solicitor nº 1243 from the College of Lawyers from Orihuela.

An individual can apply for information regarding registration of their Solicitor, applying for it in the Colegio from the area. Additionally, Solicitors we have access to the Central database of Solicitors in Spain, and we can obtain the information regarding all the Solicitors in practice in Spain, independently from the area.

Additionally, Solicitors can be registered in other Solicitors Society. For example, our company is one of few companies registered in the International Dpt. from the Law Society of England and Wales. All of our Solicitors are registered also individually in this International Dpt.


– Use always a registered lawyer in Spain. Ask for credentials.  Overall in the Spanish Coast areas there are a lot of professionals, identified as lawyers, or “legal advisers” whom are not lawyers. Ask for the number of registration of the Spanish Law Society.

– Use a “specialist  lawyer”. Lawyers use to be specialized. So, check that your lawyer controls the property market and real estate.

– If the lawyer is recommended by the agent, check it twice!.

– Cheapest may be dramatically expensive! – You are buying properties, and not caramels!. Solicitor fees use to be really standardized in the area. Prices are more or less the same… but not the service. Do not INCREASE your risk contracting cheap!.

Please, feel free to contact us for any help or assistance you may need in Spain. We will be delighted to assist, and to represent, and to protect you.


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