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Spanish tourism growth in 2016

Foreign investors buy almost the 13 % of the Spanish property market in 2015

Foreign nationals in Spain conducted private housing property transactions between January and June 2015. According to the Ministry of Development, this amount is 17% higher than in the same period 2014.

The highest volume of transactions was focused in the second-hand housing (resales) , in touristical areas, and out of the cities.

Valencia, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands were the first

In terms of regional distribution, the Valencia (25 %) , Balearic (27%) and Canary Islands (33 %) were the  communities where more transactions were done by foreign residents, followed by Murcia, Andalusia, and Catalonia.

British on top

Transactions made by British residents in Spain, and not residents are on top. The highest number of acquistions, by nationalities, was done by British, which continue to be on top of property transactions, due to the excellent EUR/GBP rate.

British concentrates almost the 20 % of the property transactions done by foreigners, followed by French 8 %, German 7,5 %, Belgian 6,4 %, Swedish 5,5%, and Italian 5,5%.

Russian investors are dropped from 9 % in 2014, to 4 % in 2015, due to the low Petrol prices and Ruble exchange.

Expectatives for 2016 are also very positive.  So, again for 2015-16  property market for Foregin Residents in Spain is consolidated as a solid activity for real estate operators and agents.

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