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Do I need a Building license to reform my house?

Yes, you need a building license to refom your house. The type of license required for these works depends on the works to be done with the reform.

Minor Works License – “licencia de obra menor”: This is required to changes of use of the rooms, and distrubution of walls, etc. To obtain this license it is not necessary a project form an architect, because it can be applied by particulars, just explaining the works, and evaluating them to pay the taxes.

To a better comprehension, this license is applied when the works to be done int he property does not affect to the essential infrastructure of the property, like the change of the roof, the supporting bimes or strcuture of the building, or inside stairs.

Normal cases in which this license is needed:Reform of the roof (not to change it completely, just to renew it). Here are some cases to apply for this license:

  • To build garage, shed, or warehouse
  • To build a fence
  • To build a pool (depending on the area)
  • To build a corral, etc.

Please, note the cases described and the conditions to get the license can vary from a zone or region to another substatially

Major Works License – “licencia de obra mayor”: This is the same license as requested to build a house, explained in the section of “Construction in rustic land”, and “Construction in urban land”. This permit is required when the works to be done in the constructions affect to the essntial parts of the building, and requires a Project of an Architect. For example, to build an extension of the house (like a new room), or to change the roof.

  • To change completely the roof
  • To build a new room extending the construction
  • To build a garage with tiles and concrete
  • To build a second floor
  • To build a pool (depending on the areas and regions), etc.
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