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Spanish conveyance lawyers

What we include in our Conveyance service?:



Our team of Spanish lawyers would start making a previous legal checking of the property, the land and the construction (checking the legal and the administrative situation of the estate) of the Spanish properties in which you are interested in.

We apply for the information about the property in the Town Hall where the property is placed, we talk to architects and inspectors of the area.

The reason of this is to obtain a properly legal situation of the property for construction, licenses, building permits, etc.

With this, we will guarantee our clients that there will not be any legal actions, i.e. fines, demolition applications, etc., in the public institutions regarding any eventual illegal construction or work over the building.


Once the legal checking is complete, our team of Spanish solicitors will ellaborate what we call “Property Report”. This is a report individualized from your property, in which you will see what is the legal situation of the property, which are the taxes and the expenses involved in the transaction, and the steps that you will make till you enter to live in the property, explaining each concept of the transaction for your complete comprehension.


Our staff of Spanish lawyers specialist in conveyance will assist you to prepare, and to advice you for all the documents and contracts that you will sign in the purchase process. In this way, what we will do is to help you to decide with the following :

· Discuss whether it is necessary to sign any documents or contracts at this stage.

· Go through the terms of the proposed contract with you.

· Advise you whether the terms are fair and reasonable.

· Suggest any changes we think are necessary.

· Try to negotiate those changes with the agent or developer concerned.


In the case that you need finance to complete your purchase, our team of Spanish lawyers will intermediate with your bank, or witht the agents of the bank to accelerate the process of your mortgage application, solving to them all the points related with this process. For example We would organize with them the expenses of the mortgage and taxes (trying to reduce them as much as possible), the payment of the same mortgage, and the expenses arising from the purchase.


  • Power of attorney: P.O.A. Is a good option to consider. It will save time and hassle and will allow us to act in your behalf  for a better protection of your interests. We can organise P.O.A. in Spain before in a  local notary or anywhere in your country of origin, to be represented by our Spanish solicitors.
  • NIEs: (Foreigners Identification Number) This document is absolutely necessary for Spanish property buyers before the signature of the Title Deed. It is compulsory to arrange it  in order to pay taxes in good order.
  • Coordination with all the parts involved in the transaction, We arrange this in order to prepare the last steps for completion, like Banks, Brokers, Agents ,Builders and Notary office..
  • Preparation of documents in the Notary.



Once the legal estate of the property is defined, and the financial is set up with the Bank (with the correspondent mortgage), We would organize with the Vendors the signing of the Title Deeds at the Notary. In this moment, we will assist you to the signing of the title deed, assuring that everything is in the right order, and translating to you the deed (which is in Spanish), into English.

After that, as at the end of the conveyance process, we will check with the Bank, and with the Notary that the property is registered in the right way, assuring you the right ownership.