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I have a property in Valencia the villa is registered as urbaba but the land is registered as rustica, so what is it Urban or Rustic.


From which we understand from your email, you would like to know what is the classification from your property when you have two kinds of registries, “urbana” for the house, and “rustic” for the land.

These kind of situations are quite normal for the properties in rustic land, where the land is always rustic, and pays Council Tax for rustic (IBI rustico), and the houses are considered as per Council Tax of urbana (IBI urbano).

If the land is rustic, is because the Town Hall, in the Plan of Development in the area, considers the land as rustic. The land will be always considered as rustic save if the Town Hall changes its classification into urban. So, from the information provided, I suppose you have been informed by the Town Hall the land is rustic. If not, try to visit them to confirm this point.

While the land is rustic, residential constructions will be considered as urbano exclusively for Council tax purposes, and only the constructions, not the land. So, the Council Tax will be paid as “urbano”, for the house, and “rustic” for the land.

Thus, we confirm your situation is normal, and your land is rustic, although you are receiving tax considerations of urban from the house.

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