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Hondon Valley Lawyers

Buying properties in Hondon Valley area

This is a small presentation of our conveyance service on properties placed in Hondon Valley, Frailes, Hondon Nieves, Aspe, Novelda, Jumilla, Abanilla, Fortuna, Blanca, Abaran, Cieza, and Pinoso,  considering the main legal aspects for conveyance, made by our lawyers.

If you are interested to buy or to sell a property placed in Costa Blanca South – Murcia like Hondon Valley, Frailes, Hondon Nieves, Aspe, Novelda, Jumilla, Abanilla, Fortuna, and Pinoso, TLACORP will help you to take a final purchase or sale decision.

The area of Costa Blanca South is covered by our offices in Albatera, connected by Highway.

This area covers a wide range of properties, in which RUSTIC LAND properties are the most common properties to work into.

 Rustic properties in these areas are common in this zone, and we would like to draw your attention in the following areas :


There is a new general plan approved by the local government in 2008, which must be approved in the regional government in Valencia. This plan considers determinate extension of the urban areas. Just to point that the initial project was considering a Golf Course.

As explained in other sections of Conveyance in this site, nobody knows if the plan will be approved, or when. But, again, we recommend eventual buyers to get the proper legal advice to confirm how the property is considered and affected by this plan, if approved.

The plan considers new by-pass and roads extensions, and also, special areas where urbanisation works may affect rustic properties in some areas of the village, where owners may be requested to pay in the event the plan is approved. Also, some requirements may be requested to obtain or to renovate the certificate of habitation, as installation of CE certified septic tanks and others.


As the case of Hondon Nieves, there is also a general plan approved locally pending to be approved in Valencia. We recommend eventual buyers to consult and to check how it affects the property in the future.

Also, it is considered a project to make a surrounding road (by pass)  from the urban areas. This project must be taken in consideration in the conveyance process.

Till the new plan is approved, construction or extensions of properties done after 2004, may not be legalized, nor registered in the land registry.

Also, constructions too close to the mountains may be considered as in “protected area”.


Aspe and La Roamana properties in rustic land are subjected to installation of CE septic tank in order to obtain, or to renovate, the certificate of habitation.

There are some areas from Aspe and La Romana with high levels innoundation risk. So, properties built on these areas may be affected if hard rain, or limited in possibilities of construction or extensions from existing buildings.

In the area is projected also a new road/by pass which, by the moment, is in stand by.


This area is affected by a new Highway which will cross the area from north to south. By the moment, this highway project is suspended. But it will be good if your lawyer checks  how  properties may be affected by this project if developed at the end.


There is  a new general plan approved in 2009 which to regulate planning and  construction development in the area.

As result, big rustic land areas are passed to “urbanizable”, which means: with high possibilities to be developed for urbanisations. By the moment, no projects of urbanisations are presented to the local administration, but, it will be very important to check the exact consideration of  your property when buying in the area.

Abanilla properties near the areas of Macisvenda or Barinas, may be affected by the new plan and urbanisation affections in the future, like urbanisation works, or eventual roads, round abouts, etc.  In fact, both areas, Macisvenda and Barinas, have surronding roads/by pass projected which may affect your property.

In Abanilla area there are some areas affected by solid residues deposits, and to stone treatment. Important also to consider when buying.


In RUSTIC LAND the situation of properties is more or less the same as in Abanilla. But, there are some “urbanisation projects” which are now in stand by, which may be re-started in the future.

Also, there are determinate urbanisations where the urbanisation works are pending to complete. So We recommend eventual buyers to consult and to check how it affects the property in the future.

NOTE: This section is updated November 2014

Considerations of conveyance in rustic properties are not different from the rest of areas. Please, consult our construction on rustic section, or see our common problems area to see the typical problems for rustic areas.

For more information regarding conveyance, visit our Conveyance section.

TLACORP is at your entire disposal, with special fees, for properties placed in this area. Just contact us for quotation.


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