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Costa Calida-Murcia

Buying properties in Costa Cálida-Murcia

Talking about tourism, during the last years, Costa Cálida area has passed from to be a “secondary” area from Alicante and/or Torrevieja, to be one of the most important touristical centers in the South East of Spain. Close to important cities as Cartagena and Murcia, Costa Cálida has a perfect mixture of excellent beaches, residential constructions, high quality Hospitals, offer of big commercial centers,  and Golf, passing from a big shopping centers like IKEA.

Costa Cálida is a Coast area of 240-260 Km with all types of beaches and transparent sea. The name “Costa Cálida” (WarmWater) is due to the fact that the sea is one of the warmest waters in all the Mediterranean Sea. Difference may arise up to 5 º C more than the rest of beaches. This is due to the Mazarron Gulf, a wide gulf from Cabo de Palos (Murcia), and Cabo de Gata (Almería), which makes colder waters coming from Gibraltar Strait pass without affecting water temperature.

Just in the center of Mazarron Bay is placed Mazarron, with splendorous beaches.

More on the South, and also in this warm area from the Gulf, there is the Mar Menor ( Little Sea), which is the biggest salted lagoon from all Europe. It is a big lagoon which is separated by the Mediterranean Sea by a sandbar of 20-25 Km, called “La Manga del Mar Menor”.

Clima is 18 º year average during the year, and very few raining. Warm winters, and hot summers.

TLACorp lawyers have been dealing with Costa Cálida properties for more than 10 years.

If you are interested to buy, or to sell,  a property placed in Costa Cálida,  TLACORP will help you to take a final purchase,  or sale,  decision.

  Murcia area is covered by our offices in Murcia, and in Torrevieja-Quesada just 20 minutes driving from the Coast, 



A) In the Village

Touristical villages like San Pedro del Pinatar, Cartagena, San Javier, Águilas, are used mainly by  Spanish,  These types of properties use to be bungalows, and apartments, near the beach, and built usually before the “Spanish boom” (before 2000).

In order to buy these type of properties, we recommend you pay attention in these important points to check:

– Legalities and administrative  aspects + history of the construction. Knowing how the property was built, and how it was developed during the years,  is very important when taken the decision to buy. Points as if the property has been extended, or if the terrace has been covered, or if the porch is now a room, if the underneath is now a bedroom, etc. This will help to know if the previous owners have made all these works with he proper permits, or,  if there is any fine or penalty affecting these properties derived from a default of the construction license.

Why this is so important? – Because, for example, if the property had a penalty for construction, Town Hall may  refuse to renovate the Certificate of Habitation (Occupation license), and the new owners may have future problems to renew utility contracts.

– Water and electric contracts: Some of the buildings may be quite old, so existing water and electric installations may be out to date. Thus, supplying companies may ask the buyers to update  installations (rewiring) in order to proceed with the change of the utility contracts after completion.

– Plusvalia: If the property is owned by the owners for a long time, Plusvalia Tax may be really high. This tax must be paid by the vendors on completion, but, will be recommendable to know the amount of this tax per anticipate.

– Community of owners: We also recommend to know, not only if the vendor is up-to-date in the payments of the community charges, but to also to check if there are other payments derived from eventual reforms and/or maintenance of the community areas (terraces, façades, parkings, etc), which sometimes do not appear on the debt certifications made from the community of owners. Also, old properties may have structural problems, so, it is important to know if there is a project from the co-owners to make works in the building out of the normal reform and maintenance ones.

B) Golf and Coast

New touristical areas like San Javier, Mazarrón, Sucina, Torre Pacheco, Cartagena, we find new urbanisations created with the Spanish boom, sometimes in big urbazanizations like Polaris, Mosa Trajectum, La Manga Club, etc.

Important legal aspects to consider at time to buy these kind of properties are the following:

– The property must be perfectly inscribed in the land registry, as “completed house”. It means that the property has been registered, and the builder had already supplied the Final Works License, the  Ten Years Insurance (Insurance which covers during 10 years the structural defects of the building), and the Certificate of Habitation.

– Community areas: The community areas like Golf Courses, commercial areas, pool, gardens, etc, must be completed, or in process to be, and running perfectly.

Also, is very important to “read” the community rules to see, for example, if your neighbor can run a business which can disturb you, or if dogs are allowed, etc.

– Community charges: These kind of properties can have high expenses of maintenance. It is very important to know them in the initial steps of conveyance.

– Limitations and rights of use: These areas use to have big infrastructure of electric, water, sewage, rubbish collection, which can affect your property.

C) Rustic land properties

Considerations of conveyance in rustic properties are not different from the rest of areas. Abanilla, Jumilla, Ricote Valley, Cieza, Santomera, Fortuna, Lorca, Cartagena, etc.  Please, consult our construction on rustic section, or see our common problems area to see the typical problems for rustic areas.


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For more information regarding conveyance, visit our  icon-arrow-circle-o-right Conveyance section.


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