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Buying properties in Cieza area, Ricote Valley, and Blanca

This is a small presentation of our conveyance service on properties placed in Blanca, Ricote, Cieza, Abaran, Ojós,  considering the main legal aspects for conveyance, made by our lawyers.

If you are interested to buy or to sell a property placed in Costa Blanca South – Murcia like, Blanca, Ricote, Cieza, Abaran, Ojós,  TLACORP will help you to take a final purchase or sale decision.

The area of Costa Blanca South is covered by our offices in Albatera, connected by Highway. Visit our offices in Albatera will not take too long from Pinoso, or Hondon Nieves, or Abanilla, or Jumilla, Cieza, or Abaran, or Blanca, if arranged, one of our lawyers can visit the same property and meeting you there, avoiding you to move to our office.

This area covers a wide range of properties, in which RUSTIC properties are the most common properties to work into.

Considerations of conveyance in rustic properties are not different from the rest of areas. Please, consult our construction on rustic section, or see our common problems area to see the typical problems for rustic areas.

For more information regarding conveyance, visit our Conveyance section.

TLACORP is at your entire disposal, with special fees, for properties placed in this area. Just contact us for quotation.

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