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Almanzora Valley

Buying properties in Almanzora Valley – Almeria

Almanzora Valley is an area in Almeria which covers a wide range of villages like Albox, Albanchez, Cantoria, Fines, Macael, Oria, Partaloa, Serón, Purchena, and Zurgena,  between others, with high mountains, nice landscape, and close to the Mediterranean Sea.

This region has been during decades  one of the lowest developped areas in Spain, and with lowest population density.  With the Spanish construction boom in the 2000 decade, this area started to develop big urbanizations, and expanding small villages with new surrounding urban areas.

The way in which these constructions were developed was not always done respecting construction laws, with really known cases of corruption scandals , and irregular political decisions. It was really common finding small urbanizations, and even big ones, being built totally illegal.

As consequence of this, thousands of citizens, the majority of them foreigners, attracted by very low prices, were left in villages with total absence of legalities, with high fines, and even orders of demolitions.

With the time, the regional government, pressed by the European institutions, has started to try to solve the extreme problems created for consumers who were paying for legal houses, and left in sometimes dramatic situations by unescrupolous agents, and builders, in a high number of cases, foreign real agents being of the same nationality from the buyers.

For example, in villages like Albox, Albanchez, etc, local governments have started projects of legalizations of this illegal constructions, which, step by step, are progressing, but, by the moment, not arrived to give a “solid” solution to the complicate scenario in which these properties were left.

Buying properties in this area requests the assistance of  high quality professionals experts not only in real estate law, but in construction, and public development law. Specific and detailed information must be obtained from properties before completing purchase transactions. It is very important to be able to detect all the legal points affecting each of the properties, and identifying which problems may arise in the future.

 Our company has been dealing in this area for more than 10 years, and we have proud to say that all of our clients who bought from us in the past were perfectly informed on the real situation of their properties before taking the final decision to complete their sales. This is essential when buying properties in Almazora area.

Our company recommends the following points to pay attention when buying properties in Almanzora Valley:

– Do not sign anything, neither pay anything to agents, vendors, etc, without the previous consent and verification of your lawyer.

– Contract an independent lawyer specialist in construction, real estate, and public development law.

– Ask your lawyer for credentials, study it in Facebook, Linkedin, etc, check its customer and friend comments and see how they are considered in social media.

– If the lawyer is recommended by the agent, check it twice its compromise with you, and if he has a real independent position from the agent.

Click here to know more about how to choose the proper lawyer in Spain.

If any doubts, please, feel free to contact us for any help or assistance you may need in Spain.  We will be delighted to assist, and to represent, and to protect you.We will be pleased to help you 

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