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Buying properties in Albatera, Catral and Crevillente area

This is a small presentation of our conveyance service on properties placed in Albatera, Dolores, Catral, Orihuela North, Crevillente, Callosa del Segura,  Cox, San Isidro, Matola,  considering the main legal aspects for conveyance, made by our lawyers.

If you are interested to buy or to sell a property placed in Costa Blanca South like Albatera, Dolores, Catral, Orihuela North, Crevillente, Callosa del Segura,  Cox, San Isidro, Matola, Benferri, La Matanza, La Murada, etc.,  TLACORP will help you to take a final purchase or sale decision.

The area of Costa Blanca South is covered by our offices in Albatera, connected by Highway. Visit our offices in Albatera will not take too long from Dolores, Catral, Orihuela North, Crevillente, Callosa del Segura,  Cox, San Isidro, Matola, Benferri, La Matanza, La Murada, and, if arranged, one of our lawyers can visit the same property and meeting you there, avoiding you to move to our office.

This area covers a wide range of properties, in which RUSTIC properties are the most common properties to work into.

 Rustic properties in these areas are common in this zone, but we would like to draw your attention in the following ones:

CATRAL PROPERTIES:  Special attention is to be taken on properties in the area of Catral. A couple of years ago, Catral area was known for an important density of irregular or illegal constructions, which created one of the biggest crises in the zone. A high number of properties were built without the regular and legal process of construction. The problem arrived to be so big that, on 2006,  the Gouvernment of the Town Hall was suspended in functions by the Regional one, due to the innumerable demands and claiming received by the owners who, mainly expats, had bought illegal properties, paying a price as if they were legal.

In 2008, the Catral Government, created a new plan to legalize the properties which were built illegal. The plans consist to change the qualification of the land from “rustic” into “urban”. This plan is currently in process of approval in the Regional Government in Valencia. Once approved there, the properties in the area will be legalized.

In order to legalize these properties, will be necessary to adapt the property to the legal requirements like water, and electric installations, and legalizations of sewage, etc. Some expenses will be derived from this process, so, if you are buying one of these properties, try to obtain this information from the beginning.

ALBATERA PROPERTIES: Rustic areas in Albatera have been developed in the last years with presence of building of individual properties, in individual plots, of rustic land. The most known areas are called “El Moco” and “Las Lomas”.

The Town Hall in the area has approved a new General Plan to urbanize the areas of “Las Lomas”, and “El Moco”, with the intention to improve the infrastructure in the areas with better access, and better water, electric, and sewage connections. This is something waited from the citizens in the area from a long time. If approved, these properties will have better access, roads, water and electric connections (although existing ones are not bad), and all the advantages of an urbanization (also with increase of value of the land).

This plan was approved locally in 2009, but must be approved in Valencia Government. Nobody can confirm if this plan will be approved finally, since it is the third time is tried. By the moment, is not more than a project.  It is not clear who will pay the expenses of the urbanization, and in which level. We recommend the buyers to get the proper information about this in the conveyance process.

CREVILLENTE PROPERTIES: It is necessary to explain the eventual buyers interested in buying rustic properties in Crevillente about the following

– AVE (High Speed Train): There is a new line for High Speed Train which is in execution in the area. It is highly recommendable to buyers buying properties in Crevillente to consult the project, and confirm how the property will be affected by this new train line.

– WATER: Some rustic properties have problems of water contracts in Crevillente area. We recommend eventual buyers to pay attention on this.

Considerations of conveyance in rustic properties are not different from the rest of areas. Please, consult our construction on rustic section, or see our common problems area to see the typical problems for rustic areas.

For more information regarding conveyance, visit our Conveyance section.

TLACORP is at your entire disposal, with special fees, for properties placed in this area. Just contact us for quotation.



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