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2013. The best moment to invest in Spain. By BNP Paribas Real Estate

BNP Paribas Real Estate, one of the most reputable European real estates, has created a “Guide to Invest in Spain in 2013”. In this guide, there are detailed several reasons from which this company recommends to invest in Spain in 2013.

BNP Paribas Real Estate, with more than 662 EUR turnover, and more than 3.900 employees, considers that, definitely, this is the year to invest in Spain.

They have plublished a guide which is public, and that confirm, between others, the following reasons to buy real estates in Spain in 2013:

– Capital Value: Capital value and the prices of the land are the lowest of the recent years. Caiptal value is falling more rapidly than renatl values, so, a reantal growth is expected to growth.

– Yield compression: As result of the future yield compression, returns for investors comitted to Spain are anticipated in all the sectors.

– The legal framework: In comparison with other areas and countries, Spanish institutions are solids. In the recent years, there has been important modifcations and reforms of the public and private institutions, increasing the competivity and productivity of both, public and private sectors.

– Important infrastructure network: Public roads, highways, High speed trains, airport connections, hotels, high quality medical and services centers, are the basis to high demand tourism and residential sector. Spain is considered one of the best countries of the world in infrastructure to tourism and residential sector.

– Qualified proffesionals: Medical and service proffesionals are highly qualfied in in Spain. Again, personal staff is ready to to attend in the best manner to the high demand of tourism and residential service.

The report of the guide can be read in pdf format just clicking below:

Hope you find it interesting.



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